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Water Care is a partnership, based in the lower Blue Mountains of Sydney Australia, that analyses and treats water, cleans and repairs potable tanks.

Water Analysis
Potable (drinking) water to stormwater and sewerage. Some analysis should be carried out on site, other analysis is conducted in our laboratory while some is sub contracted. Bores, dams, tanks, springs, creeks, rivers, sewerage treatment plants, monitoring potable water to the general public.

Water Treatment
Improving water quality, from removing iron, raising pH to water treatment plants.

Potable (Drinking) water tank cleaning
The large water authorities maintain their water systems, eventually you have to as well. In trying to improve water quality Water Care has been cleaning potable tanks since 1992. Cleaning is carried out to either Australian standard AS 3500.1, which requires the tank to be drained, or by vacuum which wastes up to 30% of a full tank.

Potable (Drinking) water tank repair
Water Care has been repairing water tanks since 1996, from Scone north to Foxground south and Cootamundra south west



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